Schools qualify for a special rate
our School Rate!

School Rate is $15.00 per player and each player will get 2-Games – takes about an hour. We also have 3-Games for only $19.00 each.

If your School is looking to book an Event during School Hours, or even before School Hours, we would be happy to open early just for you! Just Contact Us


  • Reservation
  • Minimum of 15 participants
  • A note on Official Organization Letterhead, from Administration, stating the event is held by the Organization. This Letterhead must be emailed through the Contact Us from on this website at least 4 days in advance of the event.
  • 2 Games
  • $15.00/player
  • Each player will get 2 Games
  • 3 Games
  • $19.00/player
  • Each player will get 3 Games


It is imperative that you also bring the Letterhead to the event. A Letterhead, and only a Letterhead (no flyer or other media will be accepted) is mandatory to receive your discounted rate. We will not accept the Letterhead or issue credits or refunds after the event has been completed. In simple terms, if you want what sometimes equates to several hundred dollars worth of discount, you need to follow this mandate. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact us for more info, or click BOOK NOW and make your booking. Choose the 2 or 3-Game option and when we call you to confirm just identify your School for the discount eligibility, and we’ll go from there.

PLEASE NOTE: As we do not normally open before 3pm school days, it is extremely important and helpful for you to provide an after-school phone number for adequate communication. We do not use your number for anything else except to deal with the booking (promise!).

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