We offer a variety of game options to choose from. The bulk of these games are usually only offered for Corporate and Team-Building events. These games are geared around team scenarios and support. Our Team Building games incorporate team structured games with multi-level roles for players.

Communication and listening skills (often the key factors) , strategies, support, and sometimes sacrifice are often required to achieve victory for the team in these game formats.

Price – $975.00

We brief the player teams prior to the start of each game, as to what perimeters the game they are about to play entails. There are variables in each specific game that the team must adjust to, and execute. Examples of these variables may be limits on ammo or lives, or varieties of “Power-Ups” – where during the game specific players or teams will receive these power-ups enabling their pack to become invincible, stealth, or get double scoring (to name a few), and there are also options for up to 4 teams per game. Contact us for more information.

What better way for people to feel like they are part of a group than to team them up in a fast-paced, friendly game of PLANET LAZER  Invite your staff and show them you’re a boss who likes to have fun….it’s sure to build stronger bonds between your team members. It’s an unbeatable office social!

Also perfect for product launches, client entertainment, convention activities or company sponsored family events.

For corproate events PLANET LAZER  is unique. We have a wide variety of game formats to challenge your group. These games will have your group strategizing and communicating to achieve victory. Laser Tag involves strategy and wit, but most of all fun, and fun makes everyone feel and work better. If you are interested in a few hours of fun to motivate your staff, or to have them bond closer together, then contact us or fill out our online reservation form.

  • Monday to Thursday only, excluding holidays
  • 3 Team Building Lazer Tag Games
  • Up to 50 players in each game
  • 1 hour Exclusive use in one of our Function Rooms
  • Catering options are available upon request
  • Client Appreciation
  • Break Out Meetings
  • Team Building
  • Holiday Parties
  • Dept. Meetings
  • Offsite Training
  • Rent The Venue

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